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Manhattan Pennysaver

blog August 13, 2014

Advertising in Manhattan

If your looking for an advertising and marketing agency that focuses on supporting the communities of NYC, and what it takes to make a real connection in this big OVER stimulated city then the NYC Pennysaver is what you need.

We specialize in connecting businesses to the real people, scenes, and neighborhoods that make NYC such a unique place, through marketing partnerships and advertising packages that include digital, print, guerrila marketing, social networking, and mobile advertising. Our Manhattan guerrilla marketers and door to door flyer distrubtion teams gets your message where it counts, at the very door step and most visible spaces here in Manhattan. The Manhattan Pennysaver evolved with the times, and we are a true online ad offline marketing power house!

Get your ads online in minutes & Promote your Business today or give us a call and speak with a local Manhattan marketing specialist to discuss how we can help you get the results you need in New York City. We are based in NYC and we know Manhattan inside out!

NYC Local advertising

Advertising In Manhattan by using a local advertising company like the NYC Pennysaver can make all the difference; from throwing tons of money down the sewer (literally), or establishing a great relationship with the top advertising company dedicated to getting you the results you NEED. Our focus if on producing tremendous value and giving you more then your money’s worth. We also employee local NYC residents, SEO experts, street marketing teams, and other NYC ocal advertising professionals that know the where’s, what’s, when’s and how’s here in NYC.


If you are looking to advertise in Manhattan and want to speak with a company that is all about advertising in Manhattan then give us a call today at 800-959-2659

Let us help you get the results you need by advertising in Manhattan.

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