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blog July 6, 2012

Bloggers and website owners in New York City can now take part in one of the highest paying residual income referral programs that is 100% free to join!

If you are a part time blogger looking to make extra money online, or a seasoned internet marketer looking for the next six (or seven) figure income opportunity than read on…

Building a residual income is what everyone should be doing but unfortunately people’s brains have been trained to work hard for their money and not have their money work hard for them. Building a residual income is doing the work once and getting paid forever.

We are partnered with 10Tier.com and can help you monetize your website and web traffic.

If you do not have a website read on.

To start if you do not have a website or blog we recommend wordpress.

WordPress – in our opinion is a far superior blogging system than all of the other platforms out there. We say this because there are thousands of add on plugins (mini programs) that are freely available for you to use to enhance the function of your blogs. Thousands of people create plugins and make them freely available for others to use.

The only problem with WordPress is that it is fairly complex to set up and install but you can get one setup and optimized HERE.

Getting noticed by Google

Did you know that one of the quickest ways to be spidered by Google’s search engine is to start up a Blogger blog? That’s because Google owns Blogger, and the search engine’s algorithm works hand-in-hand to quickly spider and include Blogger blogs on Google. There really is no quicker way to get your site on Google than through a blog, and there are millions worldwide. If you’re a smart marketer, then you’ll take the time to learn the necessary strategies to employ to ensure your blog content remains fresh and up-to-date. This means that your blog will be continually spidered, and more of your blog posts will be available to prospects searching for your content.

Online Lead Generation

How to start generating free leads through content marketing. Google is built around people’s original content which other people are looking for to solve their problems. Getting your content into the organic searches does not have to be so difficult. We will explain throughout this article how to optimize your content so Google loves you and you can start generating SEO leads as soon as possible.

SEO Leads And Content Marketing

To start generating SEO leads you need to plan out your strategy. The foundations to any SEO tactic are to do your keyword research. This will help you in your search engine rankings. The key to generating SEO leads is not to go for a keyword with high competition. It is best to start targeting keywords with around 25,000 or less.

There are some tactics that have to be used when writing out your blog posts or articles. By strategically mapping out your article will get you noticed a lot quicker by the search engines. There are certain things you have to do to get noticed by Google such as putting your keyword in your main title, sub titles, throughout the body of your content and also making the keywords stand out. You can easily make your keyword stand out by italicising, bolding and underlining your main keyword as well as anchor texting your keyword.

Blog posts like this one here on NYC Pennysavers brings us quality leads and a fresh supply of visitors daily!

Come back for our next post as we will post some tips and tricks on how to begin building an online residual income!!!

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